Sustainable agriculture for the Republic of Moldova
Advanced technologies for environmentally friendly agriculture
Reliable partners for people and nature

We are building a new agricultural future.

Developing solutions for People and the Planet.

The company AGOS Green SRL, previously known as Pasinfo-Grup, was established in 1999 and initially intended to be involved in various activities related to tobacco, such as its purchase, production, processing, fermentation, and export.

This process had the main purpose of revitalizing and modernizing the company, including updating machinery and adopting innovative solutions in the agricultural field. Through the new name and new strategies, AGOS aims to provide sustainable and efficient solutions for the agricultural industry, thus contributing to increased performance and adaptation to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Now, AGOS Green SRL is a modern company, located in the heart of Moldova (Corjova village), that grows and cultivates both tobacco leaves and grains:

The rebranding carried out in 2023 brought new life to the company, transforming it into AGOS (Agriculture Green Solutions).

Performing 100% manual handling of tobacco
Owning its own factory, which ensures the processing of up to 4500 tons of raw tobacco
Growing its own seedlings on its own farm
Operating in accordance with international standards
Selling high-quality tobacco seeds

The company AGOS Green SRL is the largest national producer in Moldova, with significant production volumes and partnerships in both the local and international markets (Europe and Asia).

Over the years, we have developed a strategy of continuous development and growth. Each year, investments have been made in acquiring new production facilities, fields, buildings, and other essential assets. Additionally, we have hired experienced professionals who have helped develop long-term relationships with local agricultural businesses to expand the market.

Main goals
Job creation
Growth and cultivation of cereals
Increase in national income and contribution to the country's GDP
Promotion of trade between the EU and the Republic of Moldova
Revival of the tobacco industry in the RM
We implement long term strategies
for a constant development

With each stage, from the meticulous selection of seeds to the careful harvesting and processing of tobacco leaves, we strive to maintain the integrity and authenticity of agricultural traditions. By respecting traditional methods and integrating the latest technological innovations, we bring forth the highest quality tobacco.

Every leaf is carefully nurtured and subjected to rigorous processes to ensure a rich aroma, refined taste, and an unmistakable experience for tobacco enthusiasts.

We are proud to continue to honor agricultural traditions and bring our special tobacco into the lives of people around the world.

Yubileiny and Moldovan „456” Semi-Oriental commercial tobacco varieties: I, II, III, and IV

Virginia – "Bright leaf tobacco" - has a yellow/orange color during curing

Oriental - Tobacco grown in hot summers. It has a yellow, yellow-orange, and light red color.

We focus on every detail of our process, from cultivation to processing and final manufacturing. In this regard, we adopt an integrated approach, combining authentic agricultural traditions with the most advanced technologies and sustainable practices.

Collaboration with our partners is crucial to staying on the path of success. We strive to ensure a transparent partnership based on open and honest communication, allowing us to share our values, objectives, and mutual needs.

Discover the benefits of our partnership. Please fill out the contact form!

Together, we can develop customized strategies and solutions tailored to market needs and specific requirements:
The company's policy is to hire young personnel with professional skills and abilities, who will contribute to the development of the tobacco industry in the Republic of Moldova.
Having a strong awareness of social sensitivity, we make efforts to implement a corporate social responsibility policy throughout the company. Within this policy, the company's main concerns are environmental protection, as well as the safety and health of employees.
Each employee is a valuable asset, and their security and health are ensured through the mandatory implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement of the company's hygiene and safety policy, in accordance with applicable legislation.
Currently, AGOS Green SRL has several job vacancies available:
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